Influencer and professional makeup artist Mel Jordão joined MyLABEL, Continente’s beauty brand, and developed a limited edition of eyeshadow palettes called 'Lucky'.

The two new eyeshadow palettes, available exclusively at Continente stores, were created based on beauty trends and Mel Jordão’s knowledge, who not only chose the name, but also followed the entire product development process, from the eyeshadows’ colours to the packaging design, which is differentiating and more sustainable. “Together with MyLABEL I saw the birth of two eyeshadow palettes that I can really relate to, and that brought me so much happiness. The ‘MyLABEL by Mel Jordão’ eyeshadows tell very different stories”, says the influencer.

The ‘Lucky nº1’ eyeshadow palette was developed in greenish tones, and is inspired by the colour of Mel’s eyes, the same colour as her grandmother’s eyes. The palette meets bolder tastes, with a glitter eyeshadow that allows for finishing off this type of looks.

The ‘Lucky nº2’ palette is inspired by the passion that Mel Jordão has for bees, as well as the colour of honey, representing the empowerment of a queen. This palette is presented in warm tones and allows the reproduction of various looks, from the most sober to the boldest.

Isabel Veiga, Director of Continente’s Beauty Brand, says that “it is in MyLABEL’s DNA to develop quality and innovative products capable of meeting the needs of our consumers. It is a pleasure to work with the professional makeup artist Mel Jordão, so inspiring and influential in the Beauty universe. The iconic ‘Lucky’ palettes were thought and designed for all Beauty Lovers, and reinforce the brand’s commitment to continue launching disruptive products with democratic prices”.

MyLABEL maintains its commitment to the development of innovative products for all people who like to take care of themselves and guarantees the best face, body, hair and make-up care, with variety, affordable prices and proven quality, as evidenced by the several distinctions achieved by brand.

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