Continente is Trusted Environment Brand for the 11th consecutive time

Continente has just been elected "2020 Trusted Environment Brand" by the Portuguese, for the 11th consecutive year, in the "Hyper / Supermarkets" category.

According to Vítor Martins, Environment Director at Sonae MC, “it is with great satisfaction that we have received, for the 11th consecutive year, the Distinguished Environment Brand Award. Environmental sustainability is a fundamental pillar in the development of Sonae MC's business. As a leading food retailer in the national market, we have long assumed that it is our duty to find and implement measures that seek to minimize our activity’s impact on the environment, raising awareness as well as supporting suppliers, partners, employees and customers on the importance of their contribution to environmental sustainability."

Continente has been implementing several measures, such as the progressive change of its energy matrix, betting on efficiency and autonomous production of electricity from renewable sources, or its “Commitment to the Responsible Use of Plastic”. Through the initiatives developed to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic materials of fossil origin, Continente has already saved, on an annualized basis, 4,2 thousand tonnes of virgin fossil plastic by the end of 2019, which represents savings 90% higher than the initial projections of 2,2 thousand tonnes / year.

In addition, the brand has also been investing in circular economy and waste fighting projects, using products made from recycled materials originating from the waste generated in its operations, or from food surpluses, ‘Caixa Zer0% Desperdício’ ( 5Kg boxes with fruits and vegetables that are nearing the end of their commercial value, at a price of € 0.50 per kg), in addition to the daily donation of food surpluses to social solidarity institutions and animal support associations, which in 2019 corresponded to 12.3 million Euros.

Another way of spreading the importance of environmental sustainability has been through initiatives dedicated to different stakeholders in society, such as the II Great Survey on Sustainability in Portugal, which provides civil society with several insights on the public’s opinion on the topic, or the Missão Continente School Program, which addresses, among others, the theme of conscious consumption among primary school students across the country.

The “2020 Trusted Environment Brand” seal is included in the “Trusted Brands” study carried out by the Reader's Digest’s 'Selecções' magazine, which aims to measure the degree of trust consumers place in brands. This 20th edition had a universe of more than 12,000 respondents who voted for dozens of brands, distributed across 12 categories of products or services, through a mixed questionnaire: via postal mail and online, with free and spontaneous responses.

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