Continente: the only retailer worldwide with GLOBALG.A.P. certification

Continente’s fruit and vegetable supply chain is the first and only one in the world to obtain GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, the global reference for the best agricultural practices, certified by independent entities.

The audit to obtain this certification guarantees total transparency in the marketing of fruits and vegetables from responsible and sustainable agriculture, which ensures the workers’ well-being and the application of the best production methods, ensuring food safety and the preservation of natural resources.

Through the GLOBALG.A.P. certification, Sonae MC obtained the GGN seal (GLOBALG.A.P. Number), a 13-digit code that validates the certification of its supply chain for Fruits and Vegetables.

The GGN seal guarantees consumers that when buying these products on Continente, they are choosing fruits and vegetables that, from their origin all the way to the stores, are handled in a rigorous and responsible manner – which guarantees the well-being of the people involved in the production and harvest processes, as well as minimal environmental impact. There are already other retailers on the market whose products are evaluated by the same entity, but this is the first time that an operator has successfully submitted its entire value chain and respective products – from the field to the store – for assessment.

Being the only retailer in the world with certification for the entire supply chain, this distinction ensures that, in the production of Continente’s fruits and vegetables, is given preference to natural methods of dealing with pests (such as, in example, the use of auxiliary insects to combat harmful species); to the preservation of natural resources (respecting the soil and the efficient use of water) and to the promotion of biodiversity in the countryside (protecting the present flora and animal life).

Currently, all Continente Producers Club’s suppliers must comply with the respect for safe and sustainable agricultural practices protocol, in line with the GLOBALG.A.P certification. The request for an assessment of Continente’s fruits and vegetables’ supply chain came precisely from the Continente Producers Club, which, in direct articulation with the German entity responsible for the certification, wanted to see the recognition of the brand’s national suppliers’ work.

The GLOBALG.A.P. certification process was led by external auditors from Agricert (certification body), including audits of the warehouses, Continente stores, Quality and Sales Departments, as well as the schools responsible for training employees – Fresh Products School and Logistics School. The process’ implementation and management involved around 1,000 people.

Continente’s fruit and vegetable supply chain’s GLOBALG.A.P. certification is valid for one year, until July 2022.

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