Continente was distinguished by Portuguese consumers as an “Environmental Trusted Brand”, for the 13th consecutive year, in the ‘Hyper/Supermarkets’ category, having registered 69% of preferences.

Recognized as a brand that “operates aiming at the lowest environmental impact from its activity”, “adheres to circular economy projects or ecological footprint compensation programs” and “actively operates in waste recovery”, Continente registered over 57% of the votes, compared to the second most voted brand, thus consolidating the leadership registered in the last 13 years as an “Environmental Trusted Brand”.

In addition to the tonnes of virgin plastic eliminated (between eliminating plastic considered unnecessary and replacing virgin material with recycled material), the brand also replaced 50 tonnes of low recyclability plastics (such as PVC) with other materials that are easier to recycle (such as PET ) from its products. Currently, more than 74% of the private label’s references are already 100% recyclable.

As an active agent in promoting conscious consumption habits, Continente is committed to anticipating, by 2025, the ambition defined by the European Union for 2030, to reduce (or even eliminate when possible) the use of plastic materials of fossil origin, in regard to private label products, ensuring that they all have reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.

The “Marca de Confiança Ambiente 2021” (“2021 Environmental Trusted Brand”) seal is included in the "Marcas de Confiança" (“Trusted Brands”) study, which is carried out annually by the Reader’s Digest ‘Selecções’ magazine and aims to measure the degree of trust that consumers place in the brands. This edition featured a universe of more than 12,000 households surveyed, between September and November 2021, who, as consumers and based on an open question methodology (free and spontaneous response), were asked to mention, from 12 different activity sectors, the brands of their environmental confidence.

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