Continente has 11 Folares de Páscoa for sale

‘Chocolate chips’, ‘nuts and candied fruit’, ‘coconut and guava paste’, ‘pumpkin, coconut and walnuts’ and ‘cinnamon’ are the five new ‘folar de páscoa’ (Portuguese Easter bread) varieties that are for sale at Continente’s Easter Market, which runs from March 29th to April 17th, in the brand’s stores. Altogether, between sweet and savoury ones, there are 11 varieties of Continente’s branded pastries, with prices between €1.99 and €6.79, among other novelties.

These ‘Folares’ (Portuguese Easter bread), traditional during this festive season, are also available in the ‘plain’ (without egg), ‘egg’, ‘egg and almond cream’, ‘chocolate and hazelnut’, ‘meat’ and ‘bacon, ham and chorizo’ varieties. Produced in Portugal, the recipes are brand’s exclusives and the plain, egg and meat varieties are produced in-house at Continente stores.

As for the sponge cake, also manufactured exclusively at Continente stores, this year it features the new ‘creamy chocolate’ and ‘creamy salted caramel’, in a total of eight different varieties.

The traditional ‘Easter nests’ are available in three flavours - egg, chocolate and caramel - with the last two options being novelties. With an RRP of €7.50, these ‘nests’ are exclusive to the brand and produced in the national market.

“Bem Me Quer” products are also highlighted in the catalogue dedicated to Easter, featured in all Continente stores, with several suggestions for this festive season such as covered almonds or chocolate dragées. In this themed market, 40% of the offer corresponds to confectionery products, with almonds and chocolates being the most sought after. Half of the Easter chocolates and almonds sold at Continente stores come from national suppliers, thus contributing to the development of the national economy.

In order to facilitate family get-togethers, Continente once again makes available its take-away service with typical seasonal options and novelties such as kid pie or, as a vegetarian option, Quinoa and Vegetables Moussaka au gratin with Mozzarella. Orders can be placed until April 10th through the stores, the digital catalogue, at or by calling 210 155 555. There is also a discount available on the full menu for 6 people - which includes starters, fish dishes, meat dishes and dessert -, for only €11.99/person. 

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