Continente innovates by using a new advertisment format

Continente is the first Portuguese brand to advertise using a new format recently made available in MEO’s interactive menus. This new concept, developed in partnership with SAPO, intends to meet the new TV consumption trends, where on-demand services access is increasing in importance and, simultaneously, represents a closer communication with clients.

The campaign allusive to Popota’s world was available during the month of December when the client, by accessing MEO’s many Recording section was surprised by a Continente advertising banner and, by clicking on it, would be forwarded to the campaign’s video.

For Tiago Simões, Sonae MC’s Marketing Diretor, “Continente wants to explore all consumption market trends, guaranteeing the innovation in its approaches and simultaneously the closeness with its clients. We’re proudly, once again, pioneers and are at digital’s forefront, this time for developing the first Portuguese advertisement contents to be integrated in a television box.”

Filipa Martins, SAPO General Director, explains that “it was a great challenge the creation of an advertisement area in MEO Box. With this initiative, SAPO, MEO and Continente show their disruptive capacity to develop new concepts capable of shaking the market and favor consumer proximity.”

To MEO, in the words of Tiago Silva Lopes, Director of Products and B2C Services, “this is a pioneer strategy, driver of a new tendency which MEO is proud to concede access to, opening the path for other developments in the sector.”

Once again, Continente, one of the largest advertisers in Portugal, is on the frontline of innovation through a solution that will allow the brand to keep up with consumer habits and behaviors.

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