Continente launches limited edition yogurts for summer

“Pear and Raspberry” and “Cantaloupe melon” are the two new flavours of this summer's limited edition Liquid Yogurt by Continente, already for sale in the brand's stores until the end of September, in packs of 4 units, at a RRP of 1.12 euros.

The launch of these yoghurts, produced in Portugal, with fruit pulps and a smooth, juicy texture, reinforces Continente's position as an innovative brand, which launches 1 product a day, every day of the year. For several years, Continente's private label has surprised consumers with truly differentiating combinations of yogurt flavours, in limited summer and winter editions. After “Apple, Beetroot and Ginger” and “Pineapple and Ginger” in 2019 and “Strawberry and Watermelon” and “Apricot and Rosemary” in 2020, the flavours “Pear and Raspberry” and “Cantaloupe melon” arrive in 2021.

Continente's new liquid yoghurts, in limited edition, demonstrate once again how the brand has innovated together with consumers. The new flavours were chosen by more than 120 consumers in sensory tests carried out in external and independent laboratories and are the result of disruptive innovation processes with a national partner based in Castelo Branco. “Cantaloupe melon” is an aromatic and fresh yogurt, which highlights this variety of melon’s characteristic flavour and “Pear and Raspberry” is a mix that combines the sweetness of the pear with the freshness of the raspberry, ideal for summer days.

Liquid yoghurts are part of the essential basket of Portuguese consumers and the Continente brand leads this market with the most complete range of liquid yoghurts – there are 18 varieties available in the brand's stores – produced in Portugal and made with 100% Portuguese fresh milk, to which are added delicious fruit preparations.

Focusing on domestic production is one of Continente's commitments: two out of three Private Label products are produced in Portugal, making a decisive contribution to the economic development and sustainability of the Portuguese business fabric. An example of this are the 150 million yoghurts, the 30 million cans of canned tuna and the 30 million litres of milk produced in Portugal and purchased from national suppliers last year.

Low Prices, Quality, Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Innovation, and National Production are the pillars that characterize the development and offer of more than 4 thousand product references that are present in the daily lives of Portuguese families, namely through the Continente range: ‘Continente Equilíbrio’, ‘Continente Eco’, ‘Continente do Bebé’, ‘Continente Seleção’ and ‘Continente Bio’.

Continente’s Private Label has gained the trust of the Portuguese over these 30 years and is today the leading private label in food retail.

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