Continente, through its ECO products brand, will contribute to the oceans’ preservation and protection, supporting the first cooperative in Portugal dedicated to this area - Ocean Alive. The total financing of 50 thousand euros will allow leveraging an annual action plan for the conservation and restoration of the Ponta do Adoxe’s marine prairie, in Tróia, at the Sado’s Estuary entrance.

This partnership, financed through the sale of Continente ECO products, will help Ocean Alive in raising awareness among vacationers and the local population, to leverage lasting changes that safeguard the Ponta do Adoxe’s marine prairie, the nursery habitat for the prey of a resident dolphin population as well as for the fishing community’s fish and seafood. Ocean Alive's marine education actions in Ponta do Adoxe, in partnership with Continente ECO, began in August and have UNESCO as an institutional partner.

This is a pilot project that aims to help protect other marine prairies in the estuary that are degrading by the same factors. The action plan intends to respond to, and eliminate, the two problems that are currently causing the marine prairie’s degradation: the generalized lack of knowledge about its value and the inexistence of navigation rules to safeguard the prairies.

The ECO range was created thinking that «our home doesn't end at our house», because what we do on a daily basis has an impact on the planet. We wanted to go even further and we are forming partnerships that really contribute in a positive way to the planet. These marine prairies, in addition to being the cradle of many species, such as dolphins, are very important from the standpoint of carbon seizure, as their 'absorption' capability is superior to terrestrial forests and lasts longer, between centuries to thousands of years. Marine prairies are critical for Portugal to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2050, as it has, internationally, committed to”, explains Ana Alves, Sonae MC's Private Label Commercial Director.

The cooperative's goal is to protect marine prairies, such as the one in Ponta do Adoxe, involving the women from the fishing community – ‘Guardiãs do Mar’ (Guardians of the Sea) – through education and awareness programs, while monitoring and evaluating the project's impact.

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