#BomParaAMadeira (Good for Madeira) is the signature for the new multimedia campaign that Continente is developing in the region, as a way of celebrating MC’s activity in the Islands and bringing the brand closer to all Madeirans.

The campaign, signed by Fuel, identifies the Continente stores’ pillars in Madeira: regional products, represented by Jorge Gonçalves, Calheta’s tomato and cucumber supplier; the employees, such as Ana Maria, the oldest in Madeira, who has been with the company for almost 30 years; and social responsibility, where Fátima Aveiro, Madeira’s Food Bank President, represents the daily support that the 15 stores in the region provide to various social institutions. Customers in the region will be able to benefit from various local activations throughout the year, in the region’ stores, and, in mainland Portugal, with Madeiran products.

The Continente brand has been present in Madeira since 1996 and currently promotes 1100 jobs with the support of 80 local producers who supply the stores. In the region, Continente supports 36 social institutions on a daily basis.

Continente Online arrived in Funchal last year, providing Click&Go and HomeDelivery services, so that customers can make their online purchases in a comfortable, fast and safe way, and that they can also take advantage of the various promotions throughout the year.

This is yet another of Continente’s commitments in the region, after the CEO, Luís Moutinho, announced his intention of opening more spaces in the archipelago and remodelling some of the existing stores, with works worth 7 million euros.



Creative Agency - FUEL

Creative Director - João Madeira

Creative Supervisors - Rita Carmo and Ruben Santos

Editor – Joana Cavaleiro

Art Director – Ana Carvalho

Group Director – Tita Martins

Production Consultants - Pro(u)d

Producer - CREART

Director - Carlos Melim

Director of Photography - Mário Ferronha

Photographer - Nuno Rodrigues

Executive Producer - Mónica Diniz

Production Direction - Dalila Caldeira

Production - Mafalda Melim

Image Assistant - Alexis Tomé

Camera Operator - Roberto Assis

Sound Director - Sérgio Botelho

Art Direction - Alicia Camacho

Stylist - André Pereira

Makeup artist - Cláudia Sousa

Post-Production - Carlos Melim

Original Music - Pedro Macedo Camacho

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