Baguim do Monte has a new Continente Bom Dia store

Continente opens, today, a new proximity store - Continente Bom Dia Baguim do Monte - located in the parish of Baguim do Monte (Rio Tinto), in the municipality of Gondomar. This space with 1360 m2 of sales area, guarantees all safety rules to protect both customers and employees, and has Cafeteria, Well's and Washy services.

The new space, which will create 50 jobs, offers a range of thousands of products, including Continente’s private label and the brands that usually make up the basket of Portuguese choices. This opening reinforces the brand's commitment in the municipality of Gondomar, which now has 4 Continente stores.

We highlight the fresh produce, from fruits and vegetables, to the bakery, butcher and fishmonger that the store will make available, with products from the region. Here, visitors will find an area very similar to traditional markets with a very comfortable and contemporary atmosphere, where all information about the origin and characteristics of the produce will be available.

The opening of the space is highlighted with a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, across the entire store, between July 29th and August 2nd.

The local population and institutions in the region will be able to count on the social intervention initiatives carried out by Missão Continente, which are now promoted by this new store. Continente Bom Dia Baguim do Monte will support the Gondomar Social Association (Community Intervention Association) and the Vivanimal Association (Gondomar’s Animal Defence Association) with their daily food surpluses.

In the new store’s area of influence, there is also support for 8 institutions focused on fighting food waste, fighting hunger, promoting healthy eating and environmental sustainability. To learn more just access the Missão Continente website.

Continente Bom Dia Baguim do Monte presents itself as a reference space in the environmental aspect, similar to all Continente stores. The new store contributes to encouraging environmental citizenship within the local community, through the provision of equipment where its consumers can deposit used cooking oils, used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be taken for recycling. Consumers also have a variety of Reusable Shopping Bags at their disposal. In terms of lighting, the store has 100% LED low consumption lights, and also equipment to control and reduce any potential excessive water consumption.

About Continente Bom Dia Baguim do Monte:
Rua António de Castro Meireles nº 396, 4435-667 Baguim Do Monte, Gondomar
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 9 pm

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