Missão Continente delivers 150 tonnes of food in Christmas season

As part of the “Todos por Todos” (All for All) campaign, Missão Continente has already started distributing the 150 tonnes of food that it will donate to the Portuguese Red Cross (CVP), the Food Emergency Network and the Audio-visual Union, in order to be delivered during Christmas season to vulnerable families. Watch the delivery video here.

Until the 31st of January, it is still possible to contribute to the collection of food goods that takes place in Continente, Meu Super and Continente Online stores, throughout the country, through the purchase of solidarity vouchers. So far, the Portuguese have contributed more than 700,000 food units (milk, oil, tuna, beans, olive oil and rice) that were added up to the 150 tonnes donated by Missão Continente and which are now being delivered.

Unlike traditional collections with volunteers, not recommended in the current context, in this campaign, customers only have to indicate, during checkout, which goods they want to donate and the respective quantities, without the need to handle or transport the items.

Nádia Reis, Continente’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director explains that, through the vouchers, “all Portuguese can make a small contribution, but, naturally, Missão Continente wanted to take the first step and donate 150 tonnes to support, through these institutions, all the families that are going through great difficulty”.

The “Todos por Todos” (All for All) campaign aims to aid the national social response, at a time when requests for help from solidarity institutions have increased again and a sense of mutual help is essential.

According to Susana Marques, vice president of CVP, “since March, we have seen a 40% increase in requests for support and the “Todos por Todos” (All for All) campaign is essential for our response capacity. Furthermore, with this donation from Missão Continente, we are going to guarantee a Christmas dinner that is fuller and more comfortable for several families, some of whom were not prepared for the change that the pandemic would bring about”.

Since the arrival of the new coronavirus in Portugal, Missão Continente has responded to numerous requests for support, distributing thousands of food and hygiene goods, among others, to hundreds of entities including hospitals, municipalities and solidarity institutions, with the aim of helping not only the most vulnerable and in a situation of illness, but also health professionals and civil protection agents who remain on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

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Todos por Todos” (All for All) Campaign | How to contribute?

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