The ‘Continente do Bebé’ brand joined ‘Grow Up Baby’ to promote a workshop on food introduction, on November 4th, at 9:30 am, at Continente CO.LAB (Customer Innovation Laboratory), located on the top floor of Amadora’s Continente store. Lasting three hours, the workshop is led by two specialist nurses with masters in Child and Paediatric Health.

This workshop will cover topics such as Child Development (baby skills up to 6 months), Signs of Food Readiness, Food Introduction Methods, Food Plan (prohibited foods, potential allergens), Feeding Utensils and Accessories as well as Choking and GAG reflex (What’s the difference? What to do in each situation).

Launched at the beginning of 2021, ‘Continente do Bebé’ is a brand specializing in food, hygiene and cleaning products for babies, designed and adapted to each growth stage. The brand, which has been developed in partnership with several experts, meets strict criteria for quality, effectiveness, nutrition and sustainability.

Continente is committed to being at the side of families with products developed specifically for the needs of both babies and parents, from day one, which reflect the important role of this private label in democratizing access to products of high quality and proven effectiveness.

‘Grow Up Baby’ was founded by Filipa Santos and Telma Maravilha, two specialist nurses with master’s degrees in Child and Paediatric Health, who created this project to, on the one hand, transmit current and credible information, and on the other, share practical tips that makes parents’ daily lives easier and safer.

Filipa Santos and Telma Maravilha have degrees in nursing, with a specialization course and a master’s degree in child and paediatric health nursing. They are also breastfeeding consultants at UNICEF and have postgraduate degrees in Children and Adolescents’ Sleep.

Registration can be done online and has a 20 places limit (40 adults, 20 children). The training workshop has an associated value of €15, paid to Grow Up Baby, and Continente, at the end of the session, will gift Continente do Bebé products’ kits to the trainees, worth €38.

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