Continente reinforces its commitment to infant nutrition and presents more nutritious, balanced and practical options for breakfasts and snacks for the younger ones. Nutritionally balanced yogurts, milks, juices and cereals are the new additions to the new children’s range from the Continente Equilibrio brand.

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The new range consists of breakfast cereals, yogurts, fruit juices and fortified milk, essential for children’s healthy growth. All products were developed by Continente’s Nutrition team and meet strict nutritional criteria:

- cocoa balls cereals and the mango and pumpkin star cereals are sweetened only with fruit (without added sugar) and include organic production certification;

- banana strawberry and banana orange and cookie yogurts are made with milk and whipped fruit (without added sugar, without dyes and preservatives) and enriched with calcium and vitamin D;

- the juices are made with 80% fruit and 20% water, in the orange, peach, pineapple, apple and 8 fruits varieties, and are also without added sugar, containing only the sugar naturally present in the fruit;

- semi-skimmed milk is enriched with calcium and vitamins A, D and E, which are important for healthy growth.

The idea for this range was born following conversations and studies with the Continente Equilibrio brand’s consumers who, as parents, challenged us to develop nutritionally balanced products formulated specifically for children, without compromising taste, and with attractive packaging, encouraging the younger ones - and parents! — on healthier food choices. That’s why we chose the products that children love the most — cereals in balls or stars shapes, juice or milk packages, for example — and we developed nutritionally balanced recipes, but with all the flavour. The products have been tested and approved by more than 500 children, who tasted various recipes and chose their favourites,” says Mayumi Delgado, responsible for Continente’s Nutrition team.

It is with great pride that the Continente Equilibrio brand continues to develop innovative and nutritionally balanced products, to surprise our consumers - and now also children.

Promoting a balanced diet during childhood has a positive impact on children’s growth and development and on future habits, behaviours, and health,” explains the nutritionist.


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