“20 years thinking about others and what is good for Portugal” is the motto of the campaign that Continente presents, to show what it does and will continue to do through Missão Continente, to support the causes and the people who need its contribution.

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The new ‘Bom Para Portugal’ (Good For Portugal) campaign, created by ‘Fuel’, is present on television, outdoor and digital and marks Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary.

The purpose of this ‘Good For Portugal’ campaign is to thank the various communities for the trust that they place in the Continente brand and in Missão Continente’s project, demonstrating what it have developed, but also its daily commitment and support for the causes and people who need its contribution and commitment to continue to fulfil this project.

Throughout the campaign, the support that Missão Continente has provided over the years has been revealed, such as “more than 2.7 million meals donated”, “more than 1.3 million trees planted”, “more than 42 million tonnes of recycled waste” or “more than 2,500 schools enrolled in the healthy eating program”, among others.

The launch of this campaign coincides with the anniversary of the #BomParaPortugal campaign - in which Continente promises that ‘Everything Portugal gives us, we give back’.

The first campaign was launched on June 10th, 2019, thanking customers for the trust that they place in the Continente brand and committing to keep nurturing that connection.

In 2020, the focus was on supporting domestic production. In 2021 and 2022, Continente once again reinforced its commitment to Portugal, this time from a sustainability point of view, which is not only environmental, but also social. And in 2023, it highlights Missão Continente’s anniversary and everything it has done and will still do for the benefit of the community.

Technical sheet - ‘Bom Para Portugal’ 2023 Campaign:

Creative Director: João Madeira

Creative Supervisor: Rúben Santos

Writing: Joao Madeira, Sofia Menezes

Art Direction: Ruben Santos, Tanja Costa

Production Consultants - Pro (u) d

Producer: More Maria

Director: José Pedro Sousa

Photography Director: André Szankowski

Art Director: Sofia Pereira

Props: Rita Ferreira, Pauline Luís, David Paredes

Casting: Quick Casting

Storyboard: Sérgio Tavares

Post Production: Light Films

Sound Studio: Indigo

Cover music: Margarida Pinto

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