After debuting in the sale of second-hand clothes, Continente implemented a pilot project in its GaiaShopping’s store, selling used childcare items, reinforcing its commitment to circularity.

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[RE]Baby consists of the sale of used strollers and high chairs, from specialist brands, which are sold for up to 70% below their RRP as a new item, completely sanitized, tested and with a guarantee.

According to Catarina Azevedo, responsible for Bazaar’s New Business Opportunities at MC, “since circularity is a concept that makes perfect sense these days, as a leading retailer, we know that it is our duty to create the conditions so that we can all embrace it and increasingly expand its scope of action. This project aims to give childcare items a second life and allows our customers to purchase items from specialist brands, with confidence, and at attractive and competitive prices. This is a way of promoting the use of items for as long as possible, through their reuse, giving them a new life.”

Selling second-hand items is a future trend that allows giving a new life to used products, reducing waste. Continente is always looking for continuous improvement, through the implementation of the best practices that, at each moment, appear to be feasible and eco-efficient.

Since September 2022, it has also been possible to buy second-hand clothes from major brands in Continente stores through the [RE]Style space, created in the textile area of ​​the brand’s stores, which aims to give a new opportunity to clothing, reinforcing MC’s commitment to sustainability. These [RE]Style spaces are available at Continente GaiaShopping, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and at Continente Colombo, in Lisbon.

In the same way, and from a very early age, Continente plays an active role in raising awareness on this topic throughout its entire value chain. Circularity is one of the main axes of MC’s Sustainability Strategy, alongside Climate Action, Sustainable Production and Responsible Supply. Continente has numerous initiatives implemented that aim to fight food waste, such as, for instance, labelling products using pink labels to speed up their outflow, or the “Zer0% Waste Boxes”.

In addition to these projects, in partnership with suppliers, Continente also takes advantage of the waste generated in the production of PGI apples and pears, transforming them into dehydrated fruit snacks or natural juices that only contain these squeezed fruits, without any added sugar or water, such as 100% Alcobaça apple juice.

More recently, through the “Waste Fair”, a platform created by the Continente Producers Club with the aim of reducing food waste by giving a second life to our producers’ production surpluses, two products were developed: The Continente Seleção Alcobaça Apple Cider Vinegar, that brought together five organizations of Alcobaça Apple producers, two fresh juice producers and an industrial partner (this initiative having contributed to avoiding the waste of 50,000 kg of apples, which were out of size or which, at least their appearance, would not be valued when fresh, which resulted in 30,000 litres of vinegar) and the smoked meat ‘Folar’, made with more than two tonnes of surplus sausages and smoked meats, which brought together two producers, helping to avoid waste in production.


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