From December 1st to the 24th, ‘Natal Cartão Continente’ (Continente Card Christmas) returns to the Continente Card App with daily prizes, valid in all stores of the brands associated with the Continente Card. “The Advent of Grown-Ups is on the Continente Card App” is the motto of this campaign which, last year, allowed more than 1 million families to receive around 8.4 million prizes.

By opening the window for the respective day in the ‘Natal Cartão Continente’ calendar, customers are gifted daily discount coupons, valid in various products and stores from the brands associated with the Continente Card, to help them prepare for Christmas.

The Continente Card App, available through the Google Play Store or the App Store, has contributed to improving the Continente Card’s value proposition, allowing customers to use all the benefits of the loyalty programme, via smartphone, in the more than 2,000 stores of partner brands. This app offers highly versatile solutions for different types of use, enabling the retrieval of coupons after purchase, consultation of invoices and payment with Continente Pay, among other features.

Since the introduction of Savings’ Games such as ‘Fresh Memory’, ‘Birthday Wheel’, ‘Fresh Produce Wheel’, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Flavour Jackpot’, ‘Lucky Card’, ‘Egg Hunt’, ‘Popular Saints’ Jackpot’ and ‘Continente Card Christmas’, it has now been possible to gift millions of prizes to users of the Continente Card App.

Continente Card is the largest discount card in the country. It currently serves around 4 million families and can be used in more than two thousand participating brands’ stores, with exclusive offers from a wide network of partners, such as ‘Continente’, ‘Galp’, ‘Wells’ , ‘MO’, ‘Meu Super’, ‘Zippy’, ‘note!’, ‘Go Natural’, ‘Keep Wells’, ‘Dr.Wells’, ‘Bagga’, ‘Home Story’, ‘Zu’, ‘Pizza Hut’, ‘Pans’, ‘KFC’, ‘Taco Bell’, ‘Pasta Caffé’, ‘Miit’, ‘SOL’ and ‘’, who deliver relevant value propositions to families every day.


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