Telheiras’ Continente store’s customers had the opportunity to watch the ‘Tuna Ronqueo’, a cutting technique that allows 100% of a tuna to be used and sold, thus avoiding any waste. This method is done with precision and a specific technique that divides the fish into 24 parts and allows making sashimi, sushi and other cuts for tuna consumption.

‘Tuna Ronqueo’ on Telheiras’ Continente Video Link

The 132kg ‘Tuna Ronqueo’ was led by a professional ‘Ronqueador’ who knows the tuna’s anatomy, allowing him to make precise cuts in the most appropriate way, taking this great Spanish tradition to Continente.

The name ‘Ronqueo’ comes from the sound the knife makes when it passes over the fish’s backbone. Through this method’s demonstration, Continente customers were able to see how the tuna is cut and sold on the spot, ensuring maximum freshness.

Tuna is one of the most relevant fish in the Portuguese diet, being a very versatile food in the kitchen as, when purchased fresh, it can be prepared in a thousand different ways. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart health and an excellent alternative to red meat, the most common source of vitamin B12 in our diet.

Tuna is a fish appreciated by many cultures, being nutritionally rich, easy to prepare and has a unique flavour. Continente Online presents dozens of recipes using this fish, from pastas, burgers, steaks, croquettes, salads, etc.

Continente has been developing initiatives that allow tonnes of food waste to be avoided, as the goal is to achieve as little waste as possible, as is the case with this cutting technique. Food Waste is a problem in which Continente, as a food retailer, plays a fundamental role, helping to set an example and encourage consumers, employees and suppliers to play an active role in this work, which is everyone’s responsibility.


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