Sustainable production

Our vision

To encourage the creation of more transparent and resilient supply networks, contributing to the protection and preservation of ecosystems, we have worked closely with our producers to promote agricultural, livestock and aquaculture practices adapted to climate change. The goal is to foster the protection of water resources and biodiversity that promote soil regeneration while safely meeting the needs of a growing population.

Within the scope of the "Continente Producer's Club", which currently includes 267 producers and organisations of producers, this approach was articulated via the "Declaration for Sustainability", to which all members must subscribe. This commitment is based on 11 principles, encompassing issues such as nature and biodiversity conservation, the promotion of regenerative agriculture, and circularity. The Declaration will be set out in more than 40 action plans covering all product categories produced by the Club's members.

Our performance

With a network mainly comprised of national suppliers (84%), in 2022, MC continued to work closely with its partners, promoting awareness-raising initiatives, encouraging changes in production practices, and providing tools to support the necessary changes.

In total, 37% of "Continente Producer's Club" members have already signed the "Declaration for Sustainability". In parallel, in the year, we engaged with more than 100 producers to calculate circa 300 carbon and water footprints pertaining to their products.

In 2022, Sonae became a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Ocean Principles, announced during the Sustainable Blue Economy Investment Forum at the UN Oceans Conference, in Lisbon. By signing up to these principles of protecting the oceans and promoting a sustainable blue economy, we reaffirmed our commitment to assess the impact of our business activity on the oceans and integrate this scope into our global strategy. In the past year, based on the Traffic Light System (TLS), we have yet again recorded an increase in the proportion of fish originating from aquaculture or more sustainable fishing methods.