Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our vision

At MC, we value heterogeneity and individuality. We seek to make the most of the extraordinary characteristics of our People across the different business areas, contributing to the creation of a unique community with a culture second-to-none which fosters incredible relationships.

We believe that the rich multitude of our teams enables us to provide complete and cross-cutting responses to the challenges posed by the sector and that respecting and valuing differences has a significant impact on our long-term success.

We are firmly committed to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy by adopting inclusive recruitment and career progression policies and cross-cutting initiatives to raise awareness and advocate for our People. These are critical issues pertinent to our society's future.

Our performance

At the end of 2022, MC headcount totalled 38,220 people, of whom 68% were women, 75% had a permanent contract, and 75% had a full-time labour contract.

During the year, when pursuing new hires and promotions, we continued to implement initiatives towards achieving our goal of gender equality in leadership positions. Thanks to these efforts, 39.7% of leadership positions were held by women at the end of the year, up by 0.9 pp compared to 2021 and only 0.3 pp shy from our 40% target set for the end of 2023.