Development and well-being

Our vision

At MC, we believe that more value is created when everybody contributes. For this reason, we place our People at the centre of our activity, ambition and journey.

Promoting personal and professional development and focusing on employee well-being is an integral part of our culture and our value proposition as an employer. Every person is different, and this uniqueness gives us an enormous wealth of talent, creativity and energy. When this goes towards the common good, the results always exceed expectations.

We believe that the skill set every one of our People possesses represents a valuable asset to continue leading into the future. For this reason, we encourage continuous learning, sharing experiences and know-how acquired through participation and teamwork.

We promote a working environment prioritising health and safety, providing conditions that proactively contribute towards zero accidents, which simultaneously favours motivation and productivity.

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We advocate a culture of respect, integration and heterogeneity. We are bold, committed, supportive and focused. People are what makes us, and we work for people.

Our performance

In 2022, we invested in our People's personal and professional growth, boosting training initiatives totalling 639,151 hours. At the same time, we continued to promote in-house mobility, valuing the acquisition of different experiences within the organisation. This resulted in a 50% increase in applications from employees already part of MC.

We significantly improved working conditions through our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) programme. In 2022, the frequency index rate decreased by 17% and the severity index by 19%.

This year, we invested €25 million in strengthening the benefits package for our People in recognition of their dedication and hard work in a particularly challenging economic climate. We also implemented top-notch initiatives with significant cross-sectional impact, fostering the sharing of experiences and the creation of bonds between teams, promoting and strengthening our culture and a sense of belonging within the organisation.