For the tomorrow of
our Planet

-26.4% of our own GHG emissions (scope 1+2) between 2018 and 2021
+66.9% of electric power produced by our own photovoltaic centrals
83.6% Valorisation rate of residues (+8pp compared to 2020)

Our vision

We are aware of the many and complex challenges that the Planet faces to ensure it has a tomorrow: from the climate emergency to the biodiversity crisis, from the unsustainable use of resources to the rise in pollution levels, many signs reveal the fragility of the ecosystems. Over the years, we have consistently and continuously invested in more efficient use of resources, optimising water and energy consumption, and minimising Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions without neglecting appropriate waste management.

Intending to ensure the decarbonisation of our operations by 2040, we have committed to the intermediate target of reducing our own GHG emissions (scope 1+2) by 55% by 2030 (compared to 2018 figures).


In 2021, MC accounted for total energy consumption of 2,042,906 GJ. Electricity accounts for 77.5% of this consumption. Our electricity production from renewable sources (photovoltaic central power stations) increased 66.9% in the last year, and 76.4% of energy produced is channelled towards self-consumption.

Regarding the profile of own GHG emissions 69.0% is associated with electricity consumption and 31.0% to fuel consumption and leakage of fluorinated gases. Considering the reduction target set for 2030, we recorded a reduction of 26.4% compared to 2018, which translates into an average decrease of 8.8%.

In 2021, MC managed 72,734 tons worth of waste, corresponding to a 0.9% increase compared to 2020. We recorded an increase in the recovery rate of waste produced to 83.6% (+8pp compared to 2020).

Energy consumption by source (GJ)
Fossil fuels - fleet565,499487,849425,063
Fossil fuels - installations33,95927,69934,747
Electricity consumption1,494,9451,514,0091,583,096
Renewable energy production (GJ)
Produced and consumed23,77841,75286,238
Produced and sold27,16125,86426,621
Total GHG emissions by scope (ton CO2e)
Scope 152,16354,16149,452
Scope 2119,46387,082110,861
Scope 38,8387,7129,673
Total GHG emissions180,464148,954169,986