For the tomorrow of
our People

38.8% of leadership positions occupied by women in 2021
851,841 training hours delivered in 2021
-11.9% accident frequency rate compared to 2020

Our vision

Today, just as tomorrow, we are a company made of People, for the People. With the confidence that our journey offers, driven by our purpose and our valuable Associates, and considering each of our people's uniqueness, we uncover the talent, creativity, energy, and focus that enables us to imagine and create a better tomorrow for everyone.

We do so anchored in the heterogeneity that we promote and celebrate. We seek to value talent and contributions from everyone, lead in close proximity and be mindful of individuality, and work to create the conditions so that our People can excel and reach the best version of themselves.


At the end of 2021, MC employed 36,607 Associates, 68.6% of whom were women, 75.3% had permanent contracts and 76.6% a full-time employment labour relationship with the company.

We invest in developing our People with formats adapted to the various requirements at MC, and in this sense, we witnessed a 51% growth in the training programmes launched.

We strengthened our actions to ensure that by 2023, 40% of senior management positions will be occupied by women. At the end of the year, 38.8% of leadership positions were occupied by women; this represents an increase of 2.2 pp compared to 2020.

With our Occupational Health and Safety programme, we seek to improve conditions in our workplaces. In 2021, we reduced the frequency index by 11.9% and the severity index by 5.9%.

Women in leadership positions
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