For the tomorrow of
our Communities

19.6M€ Community Support
+1,400 Supported institutions
70,704 Registered students at "Escola Missão Continente"

Our vision

We are driven by the ambition of leveraging sustainable development in the Communities where we operate. We are conscious of the positive contribution we can make to building a more resilient, cohesive and fair society. One which is anchored in the capillarity of our operation, the talent and commitment of our workforce and the network of our partners. We strive to make this ambition a reality via several complementary lines of action.

We provide regular aid to charitable institutions through the Food Surplus Donations Programme. We also provide relief in emergency situations, organise campaigns and collect goods and vouchers from our customers. Providing support to local initiatives and projects is a very significant part of our contribution.

Furthermore, we launch products that create shared value and positively contribute to the development of the Community.

Correspondingly, to carry out transformation in responsible consumption and promote healthy eating and lifestyle habits, which MC considers critical, we designed several programmes to raise awareness, empower, and mobilise community members for a more sustainable future.


Alongside our network of Partners, we significantly increased our support. In 2021, we supported more than 1.400 institutions and our support to the Community was more than €19 M.

Number of institutions supported
Community support (M€)