Plug & Charge

Electric vehicle charging service, aiming to promote more ecological and sustainable behaviors among customers. Plug & Charge is a multidisciplinary project (DCL, DEC, BIT, Marketing, “Continente” Card, DPA, and Elergone – among others) and is truly disruptive compared to what existed in the market.

It is, therefore, a distinctive and innovative service that tends to position our brands within one of the current major trends.

Project Indicators


Charging Points


Charged electricity


Store Space and Concept

Project Manager

André Gomes​


Jorge Pontes Silva ​
Cristina Manuela Sousa​
Valter Oliveira Freitas​
Fátima Freitas Valinhas​
Teresa Catarina Pires​
Manuela Maria Calvo​

Emanuel Peixoto Pereira Pinto​
António Adelino Miranda​
Marta Areia Reis​
Daniel Lucas​
Ana Margarida Santos​