We reflect on responsible growth

We have a sense of commitment to the place we inhabit and seek to reduce the environmental impact resulting from our activity, in the stores, at the company premises, adopting progressively efficient practices in all operations.As leaders, we want to contribute more and more to a sustainable global footprint, managing activity towards decarbonization and zero waste. We strive to ensure a responsible and informed supply chain that operates throughout the value chain.

Sonae MC’s Sustainability Strategy5 main lines of action· Energy and climate change· Circular Economy· Responsible Sourcing· Responsible Offer· Communication

Responsible Plastic

Sonae MC’s Strategy for Plastic Sonae MC's environmental sustainability policy has more than 20 years of activity. The Responsible Plastic movement is part of the "Strategy for Plastic", which is transversal to all the areas of activity of the group and marks a new stage in the struggle for a global and sustainable ecological footprint. The seven commitments guiding the Responsible Plastics movement focus on teams working to find innovative solutions for the reduction, recycling and reuse of plastic packaging in anticipation of the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Responsible Plastic

The Hyper of the Future

Achieving a high level of eco-efficiency in our storesOver the last few years we have made significant and consistent efforts to strengthen the eco-efficiency of our stores. The remodeling project for the “Continente de Matosinhos” is an example of it. The first store of the group, inaugurated in 1985, was remodeled in 2016, to reflect the concept of "Hyper of the Future". The project incorporated a clear concern with the optimization of water and energy consumption, as well as with the reuse and recycling of materials. Sonae MC intends to extend the "Hyper of the Future" to all its hypermarkets and supermarkets.


Our environmental impact, reflected in the consumption of natural resources and the production of pollutants associated with our activity, is a permanent concern. We seek to reduce our environmental footprint by adopting progressively more efficient practices in all operations. A job that has come to be recognized and distinguished with several important certifications. Of note is the reinforcement of the environmental certifications of stores, in accordance with ISO 14001, the LEED Platinum certification awarded to “Continente de Matosinhos” by the U.S. Green Building Council, but also the seal of Environmental Trust for the whole Continente insignia in the category of hyper / supermarkets.

Products of Circular Economy

Fighting food wasteWith the “Missão Continente” label, Sonae MC has launched new product references that result from the reuse of food surpluses. This process of transforming food products, that are nearing their expiration date, through reuse, recovery or recycling, is called circular economy. The Panana (bread made with bananas that have no commercial value because they are too ripe) and the Sweets and Chutneys (which result from the reuse of fruits and vegetables) are available for sale in the Continente stores.