City Analyser

The main aim of the City Analyser project is to develop an agnostic platform which, by collecting and processing geolocation data, can determine user behavior and habits. This information, duly anonymized and processed, makes it possible to enrich population analyses, determine volumes of current and potential customers, and promote direct contact actions. The aim is to develop a platform that allows the monetisation of geolocated mobile usage data enriched with mobility profiles and which, through simple configuration, can be used in its basic form to exploit information in an adhoc manner. This data becomes useful business information for the telecommunications company’s activity, and the platform can be adapted for use in other sectors. In addition, new large-scale trajectory analysis algorithms and analytical models will be developed that will allow mobile user segmentation. The City Analyser solution also has potential for application in various areas such as urban planning, social sciences, energy management, health, etc. In order to demonstrate the cross-cutting nature of the solution, three use cases are planned: Telecommunications, Tourism and Retail.

NOS Technology – Conceção
MC Shared Services, S.A.
Construção e Gestão de Redes de Comunicações, S.A.
NOS Comunicações, S.A.
INESC TEC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores
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