Continente strengthens its range of ‘Bem me Quer’ chocolates


This Christmas, the exclusive “Bem Me Quer” chocolates and cookies range will return to Continente stores, with a new image and a range extended to 14 varieties, including gift suggestions, offering the best quality at the best price.

The “Bem Me Quer” range has chocolate options for the whole family, with special emphasis on the chocolates with crunchy chocolate and whole hazelnut, the chocolates filled with cherry liqueur, the Belgian chocolates in seafood format and the several assortments of chocolates, as well as chocolate balls for Christmas tree decorations and Santa Claus shaped Chocolates (Christmas Fantasy).

The “Bem Me Quer” chocolates and cookies range includes sustainable certification that aims to provide more sustainable and quality raw materials in the three pillars: environmental, social and economic. Cocoa is certified with regard to its cultivation, complying with standards audited by independent entities with the aim of protecting forests, improving the lives of local communities and mitigating the climate crisis.

“This Christmas, we dedicated a special moment to present our customers with products that combine the season tradition with sustainability, ensuring the highest quality standards, at the lowest prices. We have been investing in the certification of the raw materials we use in our Private Labels - such as cocoa, coffee, palm oil, paper and cardboard - which contribute significantly to environmental, social and economic sustainability. We are committed to offering our brands sustainable products that allow our customers to actively contribute to a better world”, says Ana Alves, Commercial Director for Private Labels at Sonae MC.

“Bem Me Quer” Chocolate bonbons filled with cherry liquor 250g; RRP: € 3.52
“Bem Me Quer” Chocolate bonbons filled Crispy chocolate and whole hazelnut 150g; RRP: € 2.99
“Bem Me Quer” Belgian chocolate bonbons in seafood format 250g; RRP: € 2.79
“Bem Me Quer” Belgian chocolate bonbons 250g; RRP: € 2.69
“Bem Me Quer” Mini praline chocolate bonbons 100g; RRP: € 1.99
“Bem Me Quer” Assortment of bonbons 500g; RRP: € 6.99
“Bem Me Quer” Assortment of biscuits 500g; RRP: € 4.99
“Bem Me Quer” Cocoa truffles 200g; RRP: € 1.49
“Bem Me Quer” Christmas Fantasy 200g; RRP: € 2.49

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