The best muscat in the world is Portuguese

The best muscat wine in the World was found last week in France, it is 100% Portuguese and an exclusive of Continente stores.

The big winner of the international competition “Muscats du Monde”, which took place on July 22nd and 23rd in Frontignan la Peyrade (France), is the “Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal Venâncio Costa Lima Reserva da Família”, 2016’s harvest. A muscat produced by Venâncio da Costa Lima, exclusively for Continente. The 75cl bottle is available in physical stores and on Continente Online for € 19.99.

moscatel roxo melhor do mundo exclusivo continente

Launched less than a year ago, the “Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal Venâncio Costa Lima Reserva da Família”, produced from the “Moscatel Roxo” grape variety and authored by the winemaker Fausto Lourenço, presents a unique complexity and concentration. The 4-year aging in French oak barrels, further enhanced the uniqueness of this dark amber coloured liqueur wine, with aromas of orange blossom, roses, nuts and honey, which earned the distinction of best muscat in the “Muscats du Monde”.

In the same contest, another one of Continente stores’ exclusive, from the same producer, the “Moscatel de Setúbal Venâncio Costa Lima Reserva da Família 5 years old”, was ranked in the top 10. Available in Continente’s wine cellar for € 13.99.

The international competition “Muscats du Monde” has been taking place in France for 20 years and this year evaluated 158 muscats from 16 different countries. It is the most recognized muscat contest in the world and every year it has wine tasters specialized in the evaluation of this type of liqueur wine.

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