Sonae MC trains 36 young talents for leadership in food retail

Today, Sonae MC closes the 5th edition of its ‘Future Leaders @ Retail’ Management and Leadership program, an initiative that, for the first time, was aimed only at internal talent.

The development of 36 new retail leaders took place over 6 months, allowing the acquisition of skills in the core areas of the company's business: Store, Commercial and Logistics Operations. Leadership has always assumed a prominent position in this training process. This year featured ‘Lead Better’, with the involvement of a particular context, and in a continuous transformation movement, which aims to sustain our future and the development of each of the New Leaders.

“In the 2020/2021 Edition, we invested more than ever in the promotion and development of internal talent, contributing to the strategic goal of valuing our people, guaranteeing them effective development opportunities. By making the best of our people emerge, with optimism, confidence and autonomy, we promote more agile, closer, more humane leaders.

At Sonae MC we believe that our leaders have an absolutely decisive role in the development of our people, providing them with an excellent employee experience. And that is why the bet on leadership programs like ‘Future Leaders @ Retail’ remains unquestionable for Sonae MC. It is through programs like this that we fulfil our purpose” explained Vera Rodrigues, Head of People at Sonae MC.

The program had the contribution of 350 tutors, 90 trainers and 34 mentors and coaches, who transmitted all their knowledge and experience in food retail from Sonae MC. This path translates into 50 days of theoretical-practical training and 70 days of 100% practical training, in specific areas of each business. The sharing of experiences with leading leaders in the Organization, the Mentoring and Coaching sessions as well as the entire Networking boosted the learning.

The journey culminated with the Challenge Project, the presenting of projects, of bold solutions to the Sonae MC's business’ challenges. The Innovation Directorate encouraged participants to be disruptive and to break the status quo in the face of the reality they encountered.

The completion of the program represents the beginning of a new stage in Store Operations at Sonae MC.

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