Continente challenges customers to point out improvements

‘Fora da Caixa’ (Outside the Box) is the name of the initiative that starts today on Continente’s Responsible Plastic website and which challenges the Portuguese to suggest improvements for the private label products’ packaging. To mark the launch of the project, which has the support and participation of ‘Sociedade Ponto Verde’, the first ideas submitted (until January 17th) will be evaluated by a jury that will assign baskets with products to the 10 best ones. Subsequently, an online public vote will dictate the winning idea among the 10 selected, which will not only be implemented in stores, but its author will receive a Yämmi 2 XXL kitchen robot.

Consumers who want to suggest changes to Continente packaging (or to the way in which products are displayed in stores), in order to make the brand more sustainable, can now do so on a platform created for that purpose: “Fora da Caixa” (Outside the Box). The webpage will be permanently available, but, to mark its launch, there is a contest running until January 17th, which will reward the best ideas.

On the “Fora da Caixa” webpage, in addition to being able to submit ideas and check the ongoing contests, it is also possible to find out about all the measures already implemented by Continente in its products. Ideas submitted on the platform that actually result in new packaging may reach stores with the author’s name identified on the packaging.

In order to participate in the launch contest, ideas must be submitted on the platform by January 17th. In a first phase, a jury of sustainability experts from Sonae MC and Sociedade Ponto Verde will select the 10 best ones, which will be available for public voting from January 31st to February 14th. The authors of the 10 entries chosen by the jury will receive a sustainable shopping kit (with Continente Bio, Continente Eco, Kasa brand products, etc.) and the most voted idea, by the public, will also receive a Yämmi 2 XXL and the “Simples, Yämmi e sem Desperdício” (Simple, Yämmi and Without Waste) cookbook.

Continente has been working on several measures within the scope of its Strategy for the Responsible Use of Plastics, with a multidisciplinary work group focused on the development of more sustainable solutions – which brings together our suppliers, partners, such as Sociedade Ponto Verde, and, as of now, consumers. Because we feel that consumers are increasingly involved – from the products themselves, to the bags and containers in which they are carried –, it is natural that we want to listen to what they have to suggest. In recent years we have made several changes to our packaging to reduce its weight, eliminate unnecessary materials, improve its recyclability and incorporate recycled materials; we believe that, together with consumers, we can make a difference. Every day we receive questions and suggestions from those who come in direct contact with our packaging, but now we wanted to create a dedicated space for this mission”, explains Ana Alves, Commercial Director for Private Labels at Sonae MC. “’Fora da Caixa’ (Ouside the Box) was born because we know that accelerating the transition to a circular economy in packaging is only possible with the commitment and participation of everyone. We hope to receive many ideas and take them to stores”, adds the official.

The ‘Fora da Caixa’ (Outside the Box) project brings together two absolutely current and relevant components: innovation in packaging and the topic’s communication and awareness, in a close and collaborative way with citizens. An informed and enlightened consumer will have greater commitment and participation in packaging recycling, and we believe that this initiative by Continente also stands out for its innovation and ability to mobilize around the theme of sustainability in the packaging value chain”, adds Ana Trigo Morais, CEO of ‘Sociedade Ponto Verde’.

In 2020, Continente achieved a savings level of more than 4.2 thousand tonnes of virgin plastic per year. In addition to the tonnes of virgin plastic eliminated (between eliminating plastic considered unnecessary and replacing virgin materials with recycled ones), the brand also replaced 50 tonnes of low recyclability plastic (such as PVC) with other materials that are easier to recycle (such as PET) from their products.

Other areas such as reducing food waste, energy, transport, among others, are also part of Sonae MC’s concerns, with a view to reducing the environmental footprint of its activity.

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