Missão Continente School awards different schools

The Anobra Elementary School, in Coimbra, was the big winner of the 2nd challenge of the Missão Continente School program’s 2019/20 edition, with an assignment work to encourage recycling, after having received an award, also this year, for the project dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity. A student at the Covilhã Regional Music Conservatory, in the district of Castelo Branco, and a student at Ponta do Sol Elementary School, in Madeira, were the winners of the second and third places, respectively.

The schools won prizes between € 600 and € 1,000, which will be used in recreational, educational or sporting material for the students, depending on their preferences and the needs of each institution.

The assignments for this 2nd challenge had as their theme the importance of recycling, and the challenge of breaking some myths about it, in addition to encouraging students to share what they have been learning with their families. The projects were subject to evaluation by the jury (composed of a representative from the Missão Continente School and the consultant “Sair da Casca”).

In this edition of the Missão Continente School program, 333 schools from around the country signed up and 31,406 students participated in the program's activities.

Escola Missão Continente

The Missão Continente School Program aims to support schools in raising awareness of healthy eating and conscious consumption, addressing topics such as healthy diets, food waste or the importance of recycling.

Missão Continente School thus closes this school year’s program, recognizing the fundamental role of teachers, parents and students, during this last phase of the school year, when studying took place at home. Next year, Missão Continente School promises new challenges, continuing to stimulate and involve the school community in projects that stimulate learning.

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