Missão Continente joins the Portuguese Red Cross with Vouchers

From the 3rd to the 12th of September, Missão Continente will support the 2nd edition of the “Shop For Goodness” food collection, by the Portuguese Red Cross, taking place in Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, and Meu Super stores throughout the country as well as on Continente Online. Because the context of the pandemic does not allow for the presence of volunteers in stores, Missão Continente and the Portuguese Red Cross will carry out yet another campaign through the use of vouchers, so that each one can help those in need in total safety.

In Continente stores, the acrylic barriers installed in the cashiers, that protect both customers and employees, will feature posters illustrating the vouchers available for immediate donations: vouchers for €0.50, €1, €2 and €5 donations, which will revert in full to the Portuguese Red Cross, in order to buy food products.

Upon payment, customers indicate which and how many vouchers they want to donate: cashiers will have an A4 sized poster available with the different value vouchers, with an associated bar code, which they only have to scan with the cashier's reader - a solution designed exclusively for Continente stores. The voucher is visible on the purchase receipt, without the need to handle the donated food. In addition, when shopping online, on Continente Online, through a direct link, customers can simply select the donation vouchers and follow the usual payment process.

In the last campaign carried out by the Portuguese Red Cross, in April this year, which allowed supporting more than 359 thousand families, €394,000 worth of food products were collected, having Continente customers and Missão Continente been responsible for 70% of the total raised.

Missão Continente’s actions reflect the intrinsic relationship that the brand has been developing with the communities in which it operates. At this moment, more than ever, Missão Continente wants to be together with Portuguese families, thanking them for their trust, over more than three decades.

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