Missão Continente is one of the partners of São João Hospital’s new paediatric ward, in Porto, having contributed to the build of the recreational area - a space dedicated to hospitalized children, so that they can play, study and have a more normal daily routine, thus being diverted, even by just a little, from their illness and the hospital environment.

Plastic arts, drawings, trips to the supermarket or to the workshop and playhouses are some of the many possible activities in this space that aims to be fun and welcoming, reducing hospital stress.

Increasing access to quality health care, where families are always involved, is the goal of the São João Hospital Playroom, in Porto, which has a 300 m2 area and is open every day of the year, from 9 am to 8 pm. In this space, which has the support of around 150 volunteers, children can have fun, play and exercise, thus reducing family stress, promoting positive experiences and maintaining the school routine during the hospital period. There is also an exclusive area for parents, open 24 hours a day, where they can rest or heat up meals, and a multi-sensory relaxation area (snoezelen room) which features soft music, water columns and image projections.

Missão Continente donates ‘Zoko’ toy vehicles

Also to reduce the children’s anxiety about surgical procedures, Missão Continente donated seven ‘Zoko’ toy vehicles so that the children can be carried to the operating room in a more cheerful and relaxed fashion. The toy cars are copies of the Fiat 500 model, with the details of the real car, but adapted to the younger ones. The steering wheel has a multimedia player for listening to music, the doors open sideways and there is a seat belt in the driver’s seat.

 José Fortunato, Missão Continente’s President, says that “it is a reason for us to be proud and happy to help implement this project, which is so important for the São João Hospital, so that they can continue the important work they do for the children who are in a vulnerable state. Missão Continente has been supporting and collaborating with the São João Hospital in recent years, namely during the pandemic.”

"We are aware of our responsibility as a brand, that is present in the lives of all Portuguese people, and we will continue to contribute to these projects that create a positive impact on society.", adds Missão Continente’s President.

With a capacity for 100 beds and 700 employees, the new paediatric ward has operating rooms, neonatal intensive care units and a paediatric burn unit, in addition to other services such as paediatric cardiology, cardiac and interventional surgery, paediatric oncology, major trauma and response to neurocritical patients.

According to Fernando Araújo, São João Hospital’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, “we want to express our appreciation for Missão Continente’s support, which has always been present. Especially at times when we needed it the most. The support for the paediatric ward’s play space and now these toy vehicles make a huge difference for these children and also for their parents and medical staff, reducing the inevitable state of anxiety in which they find themselves before the surgical procedures."

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