Exclusively available at Continente stores, Cronuts are a mix between French croissants and doughnuts, and are available both in plain and chocolate versions, for a RRP of €0.89 per unit (minimum 2 units). Until March 27th the RRP is €0.74.

Cronut is an original creation by French chef Dominique Ansel, and is a hit at his New York pastry shop. The Cronut’s shape resembles a doughnut but is made from a dough similar to a croissant.

Continente often invests in original product launches, and will continue to innovate and surprise customers, without neglecting each item’s quality, flavour and democratic prices.

One of the Continente pastry shop’s sensation products is ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) (RPP €1.00), the result of an exclusive recipe, which stands out for its half brioche, half puff pastry and its crispy crust. This national product, which has several fillings to choose from, is increasingly accepted by customers who have come to consider it in their regular consumption.

Also in Continente stores, there is a permanent range of Dunkin’ doughnuts featuring four different flavours: the Cheesecake Crumble, with a cheesecake filling and a cream and biscuit topping; the Cocoa Hazelnut, with cocoa and hazelnut filling, cocoa frosting and coloured topping; the Boston Kreme, a classic ring filled with cream and chocolate topping; and the Strawberry Sprinkle, a ring with strawberry filling and a coloured topping. This permanent range is sold in a pre-packaged format, with two units for the RRP of €2.19.

Continente is the leading food retail brand in Portugal, recognized in the dynamism and innovation territories, and with a solid track record in the launch and marketing of differentiating products.

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