Continente today totals 77 stores in the Lisbon district with the openings of Continente Modelo Estoril, in Cascais, Continente Bom Dia Av. de Paris, in Lisbon, and Continente Bom Dia Vialonga, in Vila Franca de Xira, strengthening the brand’s position in the region and creating 160 new jobs. In 2022, Continente reinforced its presence in the country with 16 new stores, creating around 600 jobs. 

Continente Modelo Estoril, featuring 1817 m2 of sales area, has 249 parking spaces as well as Bagga, Wells and ZU stores. Featuring 1706 m2 of sales area, Continente Bom Dia Vialonga offers 134 parking spaces and has a Note and a Wells store. These two Continente stores each have 2 charging stations for electric vehicles in the car park and solar panels on the roof/parking lot. Continente Bom Dia Av. de Paris, at about 621 m2, is a proximity and convenience option from the brand, right in the centre of Lisbon.

The opening of the three stores is marked by a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, between the 20th and 24th of December.

In terms of environmental sustainability, the stores have 100% LED low-consumption light bulbs, equipment to control and reduce excessive water consumption and containers where customers can deposit used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be taken for recycling.

To highlight its arrival in the region, Missão Continente, through Continente Modelo Estoril, gifted shopping carts filled with essential goods to the institutions sponsored throughout the year: ‘CERCICA’ - Cooperative for the Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens; ‘O Século’ Foundation; Parede’s Parish Community Centre; Nossa Senhora das Graças Vincentian Conference; Trajouce’s Nossa Senhora da Assunção Vincentian Conference; Estoril Social and Parish Centre; and São Francisco de Assis Association - Animal Support.

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