The 1st Continente Producers Club Academy in Madeira, a training program focused on the producers’ innovation, competitiveness and sustainability, will take place between March and June 2023 at the Agricultural School of Madeira, gathering around 20 vegetable producers from the brand’s stores in the region.

The inaugural session took place today at the Agricultural School of Madeira, with the presence of the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, the president of the Continente Producers Club (CPC), Ondina Afonso and the general director of Continente Madeira, José Carlos Salvado.

During the 6 months of training, MC staff, specialists and researchers, who form the CPC’s Scientific Council, and who share technical knowledge and the best European agricultural practices, accompany participants.

José Carlos Salvado, Director of Operations for Continente in Madeira, says that “MC wants to reinforce and strengthen Madeira’s producers through knowledge, contributing to a greater availability of vegetables in the region, achieving self-sufficiency in the Vegetables area of ​​the several brand stores in Madeira by 2025”.

The Continente Producers Club Academy is a training program developed specifically for Club members, with the aim of reinforcing their knowledge on the various areas of the supply chain, making them more competitive and aware of the current situation in Retail, accelerating innovation, competitiveness and sustainability processes.

The Continente brand has been present in Madeira since 1996 and currently promotes 1,100 jobs with the support of 80 local producers who supply the stores. In 2022, Continente purchased more than 4 thousand tonnes of fresh products in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Also in this region, Continente supports 36 social institutions on a daily basis.

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