Yämmi presents a new range of products that bring technological innovations, with emphasis on the Yämmi 3 kitchen robot, which allows connecting to the Continente Online website and a multi-system coffee machine.

The new Yämmi 3 is a kitchen robot that goes beyond just preparing meals. Equipped with a digital screen that provides hundreds of recipes, which are constantly updated, this innovation introduces an unprecedented concept to the market: the integrated Shopping Cart. Now, users can choose recipes and add ingredients directly to their Continente Online shopping cart. This unique functionality offers a practical and efficient approach to purchasing management for meal preparation, standing out as a distinctive feature in the market.

The new Yämmi food processor, with 2.2 litres of capacity, Wi-Fi connection and a 7-inch screen, not only simplifies the cooking process, but also improves the culinary experience, providing more sophisticated communication to users. With features such as the digital step-by-step recipe screen and the vast library of cooking options, Yämmi 3 reinforces its commitment to offering practical and modern solutions, such as the tool for saving recipes for better planning, for culinary enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Yämmi presents the innovative multi-system coffee machine, which offers a personalized coffee experience. Equipped with three filter casts, the machine is compatible with ‘Nespresso’ and ‘Dolce Gusto’ capsules, in addition to allowing the use of ground coffee. The ability to program the desired quantity, the flashing heating light and the offering of different drinks, such as Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino, make this machine an indispensable addition for coffee lovers and adapts to all tastes within the family.

Under the motto “In this family, everyone helps”, Yämmi also includes an oil-free fryer, a toaster, an electric kettle and a blender, which reinforces Yämmi’s positioning as an innovative leader in the culinary world, providing consumers with an integrated and intelligent approach to preparing meals and enjoying quality coffee.

In order to make access easier for families, until March 31st, Continente is presenting a special take-back campaign with the launch of the Yämmi 3 with the offer of a €150 voucher for the return of your old food processor (of any brand) when purchasing a Yämmi 3, with a launch price of €399. The new Yämmi range is highlighted at the ‘Tudo para a Casa’ (Everything for home) Fair that takes place from today, in Continente stores.

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