The order of School Books - manuals and activity books - for the new academic year is now available on Continente Online, through the platform, with free delivery. Until July 31st, orders also benefit from a discount on binding, for 1.25 euros per binding.

On the platform, it is possible to order by educational institution and year of schooling, creating different shopping carts for each student, including different TINs. Afterwards, customers can receive the books at the address they want or choose to collect them at one of the more than 300 Continente, Continente Modelo or Continente Bom Dia stores, without any cost for the delivery service.

Continente Online is an authorized point for exchanging MEGA vouchers - Free School Manuals -, so payment for school textbooks can be made with these vouchers issued by the Ministry of Education.

To take advantage of all the benefits, customers can place the order even if they don’t have the vouchers yet, as it is possible to add the respective codes later, and Continente will refund the amount using the same payment method.

The binding is made with specific wrapping, which has safety certification for children’s use, is water resistant, easy to sanitize and can be removed later (without damaging the original cover, making it easier to return or exchange the books the following year). These binding covers are odourless, 100% recyclable and do not leave air bubbles.

Continente Online School Book’s Campaign aims to make life easier for all families in preparation for the new school year, allowing them to easily, conveniently and safely order all the books, enjoying discounts and benefits, throughout the school year.

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