Sonae’s food retail area is now ‘MC’, following global changes, and by the group itself, which also renews its identity and updates its values.

‘MC’ is the leading retailer in Portugal and includes the following commercial brands – ‘Continente’, ‘Continente Modelo’, ‘Continente Bom Dia’, ‘Meu Super’, ‘Bagga’, ‘Go Natural’, ‘Wells’, ‘Dr. Well´s’, ‘Arenal’, ‘note!’, ‘ZU’, ‘Washy’ and ‘Home Story’ – which keep their original names.

With 1,343 units (including franchises) and a total area of ​​911 thousand m2, ‘MC’ has more than 36 thousand employees. The retailer has consistently remained at the forefront of market trends in Portugal, pioneering sales concepts and channels as well as anticipating future consumer needs.

‘MC’ earned 5,362 million euros in 2021, which represents a 6.3% growth compared to 2020. Last year, ‘MC’ opened 64 own stores, with a total area of ​​25 thousand m2, and increased its online sales by about 30%.

The new Brand reinforces the company’s identity, assuming its origin, its legacy: ‘MC’.

The retailer, which was born ‘Modelo Continente’, had the mission to democratize access to products and services. As of today, and with all the created commercial brands, which allow it to broaden its impact, ‘MC’ represents pride and confidence in its journey and an increased desire to do more and better, with a focus on the customer and with respect and responsibility for the community and the planet.

Sonae’s values, which have now been renewed, are transversal to the group and, therefore, also guide ‘MC’:

  • We lead with impact;

  • We lead tomorrow;

  • We move forward together;

  • We simplify challenges;

  • We do what’s right.

Logo Evolution and MC Naming

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