Around 200 thousand users of the Cartão Continente App will help plant 15,000 trees in national forests, as a result of the ‘Save the Planet’ activation. Planting will begin in the 2nd fortnight of November, in Baldio de Carvalhais, located in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul.

Launched on World Environment Day (June 5th), this activation challenged users of the Cartão Continente App to adopt a set of more sustainable behaviours - such as subscribing to electronic invoices or coupons, using the Plug&Charge service, purchasing products with Animal Welfare and Sustainable Fishing certification, among others – throughout the month of June. Customers accumulated one point for each action performed. As a reward, Cartão Continente committed to planting a tree for each customer who accumulated ten points.

The main objective of this activation was to raise awareness among users of the Cartão Continente App about the contribution that each one can make to the conservation and protection of the Planet, namely through simple choices when going to the supermarket.

To mark the first National Sustainability Day (September 25th), Continente launched a set of awareness-raising actions that will take place throughout the month of September: the ‘Help the planet with your plate’ campaign raises awareness about the Planet’s Diet , the ‘Bring Empty Take Full’ action promotes the use of reusable packaging and bags and the ‘Give a new life to your waste’ campaign is set to remind that in Continente stores customers can find deposits that allow them to give new life to a diverse set of products at the end of life.

The Continente Card App allows customers to use all the Card’s benefits with just one click and also allows post-purchase coupon retrieval, invoice consultation and payments with Continente Pay. Some of these features allow reducing paper consumption, making it another good habit to adopt.

Continente Card is the largest discount card in the country. It currently serves around 4 million families and can be used in more than two thousand stores of participating brands, with exclusive discounts from a wide network of partners who, every day, deliver proposals of value relevant to families.

Cartão Continente has sought to find and implement measures that seek to minimize the impact of its activity and that contribute to sustainable development.






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