Always count on us! We continue to feed Portugal!

This is the time to collectively take action in defending the country and the population, in terms of fighting the spread of the Covid 19 virus. We need to be supportive and responsible.


We begin by praising the exemplary role that our more than 95 thousand employees in the food sector have been playing, by securely guaranteeing supply and service in more than 3,500 stores spread across the country. To all of them, our sincere thank You!


We would like to send a message of tranquillity to all Portuguese, reiterating that at this moment there are no signs of breakage in the supply of products to our stores. We are all working together with national production, with industries and with the Government to ensure, as up until now, that this flow happens with all the necessary agility.


The structure of food distribution in Portugal means that the availability of food and other essential products is not a problem for the population, whatever their location.


But we need everyone’s help to continue to feed Portugal. We appeal to the Portuguese population for the need for responsible and sensible behaviour. It is important that the Portuguese buy only what they need, allowing the flow of supply to occur smoothly. Each will have to do their part for the common good.


We are doing everything we can to overcome this challenge, as the safety and well-being of both our employees and customers is, and always will be, our priority.


Always count on us!