Sonae MC aims to consolidate its leadership in the Portuguese retail market, guaranteeing the clients' sustained preference and implementing the best management practices.

We work daily with the mission of providing each consumer the satisfaction of their needs and consumption desires in the most advantageous, innovative and modern way.

We adopt a set of common values ​​that guide our activity and our relationship with our partners.

— Trust and integrity

We are committed to creating economic value based on sustainable relationships in the medium and long term.

— People at the centre of our success

We invest in the development of the skills and competences of our employees, as well as the guarantee of attractive work environments and balanced lifestyles.

— Ambition

We remain constructively dissatisfied, establishing new goals every day that test the boundaries and stimulate the vitality of the organization.

— Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our business. We maintain a challenging attitude and continuous improvement for growth.

— Corporate Responsibility

We maintain a sense of active social responsibility, with environmental concerns and sustainable development policies.

— Frugality and Efficiency

We seek to optimize the use of resources and maximize their return. We focus on efficiency, in healthy competition and in the realization of far-reaching projects.

— Cooperation and Independence

We are willing to cooperate with governments to improve regulatory, legislative and social frameworks, independently of central or local power.