Raising awareness and mobilising support

Our vision

We seek to raise awareness and mobilise communities to make better choices for a more sustainable future. We are a platform for raising awareness and disseminating good practices within the scope of healthy eating, active lifestyle and conscientious consumption, to contribute to healthier and more sustainable generations.

Alongside our partners and specialists in various areas of intervention, we deepened our know-how to develop strategies that respond to the real needs of society. We sought to assess the present and future social, civic and ecological issues, listening to the Communities and debating proposals for intervention in Society, to create positive social value. Our mission is to act in the present to build the future!

Our performance

In 2022, we progressed in our efforts to raise awareness regarding the importance of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We extended coverage of our "Escola Missão Continente" programme to more than 100,000 students in over 800 schools, representing a 44% and 22% increase, from last year.

We remained on course with our interventions across 5 priority lines of action as defined by Missão Continente: 'Food Waste', 'Social Inclusion', 'Ageing', 'Health' and 'Employment and Digital Transition' We also carried out the "III Great National Sustainability Survey", a study that aimed to bring the topic of sustainable development to all its dimensions of society's agenda.