Sustainability People

Our Employees are at the heart of our business and their motivation and well-being are determining factors for our success.


Diversity and inclusion

We promote equal opportunities.

Profile diversification is the best way to deal with a constant, ever-changing world.

We endeavour to create a work environment based on a diverse employee profile focused on uniqueness which acts as a catalyst for personal and professional development.

37% of leadership positions are occupied by women

Human capital development

We invest in potential and talent.

Talent management and training are essential tools for our Employee professional development and to effectively respond to the current and future business challenges.

Hence, we adapt our training programs to the circumstances and needs of our Employees.

+787 k training hours

Employee health, safety, and well-being

We foster a safe, healthy, and stimulating working environment.

Employee health, safety, and well-being is an increasing priority within organisations.

At Sonae MC, we seek to reduce the absenteeism rate and occupational accidents whilst simultaneously increasing productivity via preventative measures and initiatives which contribute towards a feeling of accomplishment amongst our Employees.

14% Frequency index for work-related accidents in 2020 compared to 2019