Sustainability Environment

We are on the front line of fighting climate change by growing our Business in equilibrium with the future of the Planet.


Carbon emissions

We pursue our business with a view to decarbonisation.

Mapping out the impact of products and services resulting from the Company's activities is crucial to tackling climate changes.

Thus, we rolled out decarbonisation measures for our operations namely consumption electrification and increased renewable energy production capacity for self-consumption.

-23% GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) per sqm of sales area

Energy efficiency

We seek to implement eco-efficient energy practices.

The efficient use of resources and minimising environmental impact is top of mind in the industry.

Thus, we put our energy policy into practice, seeking to promote a rationalisation of electricity consumption.

487 kWh/sqm electricity consumption per sqm of sales area

Usage and materials management

We encourage the responsible use of resources.

The excessive consumption of natural resources and the proliferation of single-use plastics have become an urgent issue and must be reduced to give rise to a circular economy.

Thus, we promoted the ecodesign of packaging with greater reusability and recyclable potential, reducing waste, and raising awareness for a more conscientious consumption.

74% Recyclable packaging for own-brand products

Food waste

We are committed to fighting food waste.

The growth in global demand for food gives rise to concern regarding daily waste throughout the world.

With this in mind, we implemented initiatives to recover shrinkage, developed solutions to transform the food system and raised awareness among Customers regarding the effects of their choices.

30 M€ food wastage avoided