Sustainability Community

Proximity with all the actors spanning the value chain is essential for the sustainable development of our activities.


Sustainable and local supply chain

We foster transparent relationships with our suppliers.

Retail activity has a significant impact on nature and biodiversity and is highly dependent on natural capital.

Thus, we seek to play an active role in creating a responsible supply chain via environmental, social, and ethical best practices to define a policy for Nature and Biodiversity.

65% of seafood sold is sourced from aquaculture or sustainable fishing methods

Healthy nutrition and sustainable consumption

We foster healthy and responsible lifestyles.

To transform food systems, we must follow a more sustainable diet.

As the largest food retailer in Portugal, we play a crucial role in advancing and making healthy and sustainable food available to all: we drive nutritional literacy and offer our Customers wholesome products.

-650 ton in sugar content in own brand goods

Supporting local communities

We encourage social inclusion in our surrounding communities.

Establishing a close relationship with the local Community is essential for a more sustainable society.

We seek to contribute with our skills and direct our resources towards initiatives which support less favoured communities, contributing to the eradication of poverty.

~12 M€ donated from Sonae MC